Jessica Wilson of
Jostens Yearbooks

Voice/Text: 916-284-3498

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A little bit about Jessica and what she believes about yearbook.

Jessica started her career with Jostens in 2013, in her hometown of Sacramento. That quickly expanded into portions of the East Bay, and has since moved into Southern California to work with Mike & Luci Conlon.

Jessica believes that "yearbook ties the school together with the community better than anything else. Our job in the yearbook room is to capture meaningful moments of the students and historical events of the school."

With a BA in English from CSU)Sacramento, Jessica considers herself a word-nerd and grammar-geek, along with being a foodie, a mom, and a lover of all things sports.



Jessica's plant consultant in Visalia is Linda Stricklind

You can reach Linda by phone at 800-262-9725 ext. 75353 or by e-mail Linda by clicking here.

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