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Phone: 805-905-6070

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Here's what Len's advisers have to say about Jostens products and his services.

Jeff Lindell, Photography Instructor & Yearbook Advisor – Simi Valley High School, Simi Valley, CA told us:

"Len has been my Jostens Sales representative for 6 years. He has been helpful and supportive whenever I needed him. He is knowledgeable about the product and process, willing to help anytime with anything. He is patient and easy-going. I met other sales reps when we were up for contract renewal and I thought Len was the best one to work with not only for the reasons just stated, but also because he was likable and honest. I never feel like he's "selling" me anything. He just wants to make the process and product the best it can be. He works with me and my staff on how WE want the book, with our best interests in mind. I renewed my contract for the longest term because I enjoy working with Len and find him to be my kind of sales rep!"

Marilyn Fine, Yearbook Advisor–Lindero Canyon Middle School, Agoura Hills, CA told us:

"Len Quinlan has been my Jostens representative for the past six years. He is very dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and approaches every problem, question, or concern I have regarding my yearbook with a smile. He is always available to come to my classroom if needed, and he responds quickly to emails and phone calls. Len connects to the middle school child, and each year he and my yearbook staff work very well together. His relationship with the Jostens plant in Visalia is also great, and he continually monitors the progress of the yearbook via the Yearbook Avenue site. Small or large issues for me, become minor or nonexistent because Len is there to teach, assist, and make my job easier. I have been thrilled with his assistance, and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Roxanne Brush, Yearbook Advisor–St. Genevieve High School, Panorama City, CA told us:

"I am writing in thanks and in praises for Len Quinlan who has been our representative at St. Genevieve High School for Josten's for the past two years now. Len has been so helpful and supportive over the past couple of years that I truly do not know what we would have done without him. When I have questions, all of them are answered within the day, if not the hour, and he always is looking for ways to help make my job as an advisor easier. Len is a constant source of support and would be there if I ever needed him via email, the phone, or even in person. He sends weekly emails of tips and information, checks in to see how things are going, and always reminds us that he is there. Len also sends information about helpful workshops and events that make the yearbook exciting and help to rejuvenate myself and the staff to keep working hard.

Len cares about us as a client and cares about the yearbook staff as individuals. He works well with the Jostens plant and with us to make sure we get all that we need and he encourages us to dream because nothing seems impossible with them. I am thankful that he has been our representative because he has done more than his job, he has been our "cheerleader" and friend of St. Genevieve and the yearbook."

Jennifer Poole, Yearbook Advisor–Chaminade College Preparatory High School, Woodland Hills, CA told us:

"It is a pleasure to go through the yearbook production process with Len Quinlan as our Jostens rep. While we are always happy with the quality of our Jostens yearbooks, Len is the reason why I stay with the company. He has been our Jostens representative since 2004 and in that time he has guided our yearbook program through major changes in both our technology and content. I know that I can always count on Len to train my students in the YearTech [Online] program, communicate quickly and comprehensively with me and my staff, and make suggestions about design and content that demonstrate his clear understanding of our school's mission and our yearbook's purpose. Len is responsive, informative, and available whenever we have questions or need him to visit our production studio. Best of all, Len's professionalism and vast knowledge of the yearbook production process is complemented by a genuinely friendly, warm personality. Working with Len Quinlan is simply easy, reliable, and enjoyable, from the beginning of our yearbook creation to the day the books are delivered."

Paul Zimmerman, Yearbook Advisor–Laurence School, Valley Glen, CA told us:

"My children are third graders at the Laurence School located in Valley Glen, California. For the past two years, I have volunteered my time to create yearbooks for the school, a job that was both time consuming and daunting, but absolutely manageable and rewarding thanks in large part to Len Quinlan, my Jostens Yearbook Representative. Len's presence and counsel has made my experience as yearbook editor a joy. He is a great teacher, having made me fluent in the yearbook software; a wonderful resource and sounding board in terms of yearbook scope and design; and a calming influence during those times of year when deadlines are looming. Len has never failed to work with me to accomplish my design and production goals, and his default is to clear obstacles that may get in the way of the process, not create them. I'm so grateful to have had Len in my corner during my tenure as yearbook editor. He's a terrific guy, who works for a wonderful company, and the quality of my yearbooks have only been enhanced by virtue of his involvement and know-how."

Kathie Leggett, Yearbook Advisor | 2009 & 2010 Jostens Look Book Contributor–Oak Park High School, Oak Park, CA told us:

"Four hundred plus pages of a colorful and vibrant yearbook requires more than just competence---it demands the laser-sharp focus of a publishing professional like Len Quinlan. Uniquely gifted in embellishing student strengths through his in-class tutorials of Photoshop and InDesign, his collaborative approach to the task repeatedly rewards us with an outstanding product. In addition to all his expertise, Len remains remarkably accessible and supportive, the perfect asset to my Yearbook class. Thank you, Len!"

Jamie Kay–Los Cerritos Middle School, Thousand Oaks, CA told us:

"In late spring of 2003, I faced my third year in a row of being pink slipped. In order to help myself keep my job, I agreed to take over the yearbook adviser position for a colleague who wanted nothing to do with it. At the time, our school's contract was ending with Taylor Publishing, and the adviser had every intention of moving to Jostens. I had no experience with yearbooks other than buying them and signing them, but it was now my job to contact the sales rep from Jostens, who my colleague highly recommended. I am grateful she left me the information for Jostens. Working with Jostens put to rest all my fears about putting together a yearbook. I loved my first sales rep and all of the help she offered and gave. In my third year as adviser, Len Quinlan became my sales rep. I was sad to see my original rep leave, but she left me in great hands. Len has worked with me for the last 5 years, and he's been an amazing help. When out on maternity leave the first time, he came in weekly to help the kids finish up the book, and the following year, he helped transition my class to doing the entire book online. He'll come in and work with my students on anything they want from guiding them through the online program to caption writing to taking photos. He's available to help me out with any questions and concerns I have all of the time through email or phone, and he is always willing to meet one on one. This year, my yearbook class was cut 3 days before school started. It has been one of the most stressful things I've ever taken on, but without the continual guidance and support from Len and Jostens, I could not have completed this book with my 8 volunteers, or be crazy enough to do it again for the 2010-2011 school year. Len has always helped me with ideas on pushing the sales of our school's book, how to cut costs, design layouts, fix errors I can not figure out, and talk me off the ledge when I'm ready to jump. He makes it clear that he is here to help, and he'll get me whatever it is I need.

I am confident in my decision when turning down other companies who would like our business. While having no desire to learn someone else's program is part of my choice to not leave Jostens, the biggest reason to stay is the support from Len and Jostens that has never waivered and only continues to grow stronger. No other company has been able to offer me the trust I have with my sales rep and Jostens."

Peter Jamieson, Yearbook Advisor–Monte Vista Middle School, Camarillo, CA told us:

"I have been working with Len for the past two years. When we first met, it was when I was interviewing yearbook reps from different companies. What impressed me most about Len was his honesty and enthusiasm. He made it clear that Jostens was not the cheapest book out there, but convinced me that his product is superior based on the quality of the materials used the produce the books, the sophisticated and tested software to create the yearbook online, and - most importantly to me as a brand new yearbook advisor - the support I would receive from Jostens. The latter includes a box of teaching and planning materials, textbooks, online tutorials, and timely access to Len himself, coming in and assisting me and my students with learning and production, along with access to my Customer Service Consultant Linda Stricklind at the Jostens factory in Visalia. Len was true to his word on all counts. Whenever I have requested assistance, it has been readily tendered, by phone or in person by Len. The people at the Jostens factory have been quick to return my calls and assist me with any questions or issues that I had. Everything has always arrived on time and looked great. In short, I have been nothing but pleased to have Len as my yearbook rep from Jostens. He has made my job as a yearbook advisor a pleasurable and successful experience."


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