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Phone or Fax: 661-414-2115

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Here's what Mike & Luci's advisers have to say about Jostens products and their services.

Janice Wald from Nobel Magnet Middle School told us:

"I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my Yearbook representatives from Jostens, Mike and Luci Conlon.

In the years that I have known them, I am repeatedly reminded how valuable they are to my program, my students, and my sanity as yearbook adviser.

Although I have, at times, hesitated to ask for help, when needed, I am constantly reminded never to hesitate.  They are available six days a week to help.  In addition, their assistance knows no boundaries.  They have been my voice to my Student Store and my administration when I felt I needed support.

Just last year, an administrator announced his retirement three hours before my final deadline.  The administrator asked for changes after I submitted the page.  Mike and Luci got the page back from the publisher to the relief of the administrator and myself.

Whenever contract renewal comes up, I fight hard to keep Mike and Luci Conlon as my representatives.  I know some advisers agree to a publisher if they get an expensive camera or other perks.  Jostens is not the first publisher I've worked with in my capacity as yearbook adviser, but, if I have my way, they will be my last.  I don't need a fancy camera to be a successful yearbook adviser.  As long as I have Mike and Luci's support, I know my program will be a success."

Terry Postlewaite from Beverly Vista School told us:

"Yearbook companies can promise you the world to get you onboard but actions are what you want when it comes down to deadlines. Jostens has many layers ready to solve your dilemma. What I appreciate is the complete backup system Jostens has running in the background. It has saved my staff hours of rebuilding lost pages with just a click of a mouse.  If I have a technical question, I merely call the helpdesk and get an immediate solution. The last and most important layer is personal attention that my Jostens Representative gives me! From hand delivery of time sensitive materials to useful workshops, it is that personal touch that makes me stay year after year with Jostens."

Cynthia Ekstrand from Pasadena Christian School told us:

"I have been the yearbook adviser for over 30 years and  boy have I seen changes. I can't remember the last time I handled a roll of film or wondered if a particular photo was in focus. I can't really say I miss those days. One of the best changes came when Mike and Luci Conlon took over as my yearbook reps. I have been amazed by the many ways they have made my job easier. They are professional and genuinely care about me and my little middle school yearbook. Thanks for all you do Mike and Luci. You are a real blessing to me!"

Todd Berry from John Burroughs High School told us:

"I LOVE Jostens.  My experiences with Mike, Luci, and all of the Jostens people have been great. The plant manager is amazing at preventing problems or errors on the production side, the Support Team is great as walking us through issues, and they offer priceless workshops (DO THEM) where staffs have great artists to help plan the look, advisors to steer concepts and teach the big pictures, and Mike and Luci are fantastic throughout the process from ideas to distribution."

Suzanne Britt from Bellarmine-Jefferson High School told us:

"There are yearbook companies, and then there is Jostens. Jostens, the company, gives exceptional support to yearbook advisers who struggle daily to motivate staff and meet deadlines. The Jostens representatives are quick to address questions, concerns, and moments of panic, with constructive replies. Yearly workshops provide inspiration to advisers who, at the end of the school year, are asking themselves “Can I do this again”? Jostens strives to keep the “story” relevant for future generations of graduates. To that end, its team of representatives, educators, and tech support, are always introducing new ideas, new learning tools, and twenty-first century directions for yearbook publication. As I complete my ninth year as a high school yearbook adviser, I am thankful for the support I continue to receive from Jostens."

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